Complaint: They will not give — 2 for 5.00 each foot long sandwiches.

on 05 August 2020 about Subway in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint is very warranted, the local Subway shop will not honor any of the specials advertised on the TV channels. Today both myself and spouse and grand kids went for sandwiches. They said they do not honor the 2 for 5.00 each foot long commercial running on TV right now. Instead of a cost effective lunch, it was almost 29.00 dollars. There was one slice of ham and one slice of turkey on each sandwich. I understand the pandemic is a real thing but, if this sandwich store has to really skimp on everything that I just paid for, lettuce,meats,mayo, and more, then maybe they just need to close till times get better. I have experienced this shortage several times before. I am really disappointed. I even went to buy a dozen chocolate cookies for my grand child’s class and they refused to sell them to me, with the sign sitting on top of the cookie container advertising a dozen for the price. They said they only sell them one at a time. So as you can tell this Subway may be privately owned, but It’s still got your name attached to it. In addition, because this store is located inside a convenience store, they sell 2nd 3 day old bread that is left over from the previous days operation at the cash out stand of the convenience store. Why? This store is built it’s reputation on fresh foods. Not two or 3 days later. At times I see 10 to 20 loaves of bread laying on the cash out counter of the convenience store for sale. I was wondering if this is a way of Subway making extra money that is unaccounted for. It’s been going on for a long time, at least 7 years. I see it personally. I feel this food was totally unacceptable to me. I just wanted the company to know, there is only 5 places to eat in this small town. I am tired of just accepting this way of being cheated.

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They should upgrade their service when it comes to making sandwiches. Accept the special advertisements. If corporate says it's on sale, then all stores and agents should follow suit. If signs and ads are posted, then it should be as they are posted. NOT A little handwritten sign, that says 2 for 5.00 each foot longs not honored here.

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