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on 04 August 2020 about Subway in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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July 21st. I called in an order to Subway, I always order the exact same thing. 2-12 SUBS Spicy italian, with pepper jack cheese, along with the veggies and always always get it toasted. We get home and settle down to eat after working in a hot garage all day and we were tired, NO CHEESE. I called them and they wanted us to bring them down so they could see. I do not know if I mentioned it but we had worked all day and WERE TIRED. I told her I could send her pictures, I sent them to her, the front inside of BOTH buns and then inside the BACK buns. NO CHEESE. She said that she knew where the cheese went and I did not send her a picture for her to tell. I texted her back and said I had seen them made A LOT and they always put on the meat, then the CHEESE on the other BUN AND THEN TOAST IT. She said she would show the pictures to the manager in the morning. I did NOT HEAR a thing. So I have been emailing with this Linda Cavanaugh from Portland. She sent us 2 coupons for 6 subs.

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I sent her an email back telling her that I wanted 2- 12 INCH SUB COUPONS since that is what we got CHEATED out of. ALL WE WANT IS WHAT WE PAID FOR. If they do NOT WANT TO SEND US 2-12 INCH SUBS, then I do not know what to say, I would seriously think they would want to make this right.....I GUESS I AM WRONG. I tried to send all 4 PICTURES but it did not let me. If you want to see ALL 4 PICTURES THEN LET ME KNOW HOW TO SEND THEM TO YOU.

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