Complaint: discrimination,racist,favoritism,retaliation

on 26 July 2022 about Subway in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

discrimination, he fired people so he can hire his brother and friends he came straight in firing people and the supervisor know it and told him do what you want just get the sales up, favoritism came in and he took all me and all the other employees hours and gave the hours to his brother and they was working the same shift, i got proof leaving work still on clock to go home get his brother and bring him back to work on clock never clocked out that’s stealing time and me and him and his brother had a few words cause i ask Dakota how you going to take our hours and give them to your brother so now it goes to retaliation, he done took all me and the other black girls days and he hired his friend and took all my hours and lil baby hours this his second week taking me and lil baby hours i haven’t worked in 2 weeks i took a picture of it ,plus a picture of him stealing time, when i ask why you take i hours he said if you don’t like it quit then i be hearing the customers out there mad i say what you do to them he say i don’t care what the customers or the employee say he also states he had chairs thrown at him, guns pulled on me, so i don’t give a fuck, then the racist stuff he got all the blacks out now its all whites its so sad i have never been around no stuff like this he say he own 51 store and he don’t care who you call and today i was suppose to be at work he told me i wasn’t but im on the schedule i got a picture of the schedule im on there so today july26,2022 i went in to see the new schedule in he had the door lock and wouldn’t let me in and he say ill send it through messages i looked its not on there so i don’t know if i go in wed 26,2022 or not so if he fire me someone will already know i got pictures and witness he took me out all them days so we can quit he knew i told someone in now he then put his brother on next shift i got pictures and its also Walmart workers seen he mean thanks God bless you

Suggested solution:

To resolve the complaint Dakota doesn't need to be a manager and the supervisor Heather and Frida because the place is supposed to be where you can enjoy working we are nice to customer but them two are the opposite; taking hours , cussing people out he always say he don't care about nothing but his sale and stores , unprofessional .

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