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on 22 February 2022 about Stop and Shop in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

1.This is the second time that I have bought S S rice cakes were most of them are broken.
2. I hate the digital coupons,I am older and the computer is a bit difficult for me,so this digital coupon thing is just awful.
3. I don’t understand how all the holiday candy is of the shelves before the holiday,I went a day before Christmas and the shelves were packed,the next day ( xmas eve)they were completely empty and Valentines candy was put up,that ridiculous,I also think the it’s awful that they don’t have a reduced table anymore after,Halloween, Christmas and Easter,everything is always so expensive that i looked for to it because I am at a very low income,I also think that it’s terrible that these products get thrown own just for SS to get a write-off,it’s a Sin to throw all that away.
4. The panhandlers at the entrance make the place look like trash,they are there everyday,all day long,I have been approached numerous times to give money to these alcoholicdrug addicted people,and I know that numerous ones are Not homeless,any money they get the go the the liquor store right near SS. I’m afraid that someone will steal my pocketbook someday,because like I said they have approached me and numerous neighbors right there in the parking lot.

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Suggested solution:

1.Refund me on these broken rice cakes,(picture included)
2.Put coupons in the flyer like you used to me my friends will be able to save more if they were available to cut out,some of my friends don't even have a computer,so we get nothing,it is especially upsetting because SS prices are so ridiculously high.
3. Start putting out the reduced table again and give your customers the chance to buy products that they might be able to purchased instead of throwing them out,and start taking them of the shelves BEFORE the holiday to clear space to put up for the next holiday,it's ridiculous. I have been shopping at this SS for 35 years,and it really is going downhill,I now (along with numerous friends family)do the bulk of my shopping all Aldis,,I've have grown to HATE this store and since it's so close,I only go when they have a big sale,or I need something.

product,other 4 complantsi
product,other 4 complantsi
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