Complaint: Incorrect Information On Fuel Points

on 02 February 2021 about Stop and Shop in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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Dear SirMadam:

This has happened too many times, so it is time to voice a complaint. In the past, when my Fuel Points have disappeared, I let it go. This time is just enough is enough. As a 73 year old resident, I have been shopping at this store just about daily for over twenty [20] years and for my adult life weekly. Recently, I had about 500 Fuel Points and I asked the Store Information person when they would expire and they said don’t know. I went for gas on Saturday and put in my information and credit card and it kept not accepting. They nice attendant said that this had been happening and I should come back again. I asked if my points would be okay until Monday and there was a question as to when I last got points and I answered a couple of days ago. I was told not to worry as points should last for 30 days or more. I came back to the store on 1-31-21, third time that week, and my points suddenly were gone. I went to the Information Counter and was told that the manager was out right now and I should complain as there were so many problems with this, given Covid now worse, and the company will do nothing for customers who shop all the time. Today, I went to the Big Y where the products were the same but cos less. Your store is more convenient, but I feel that this is just plain wrong and although it was indicated that complaining will no doubt fall on deaf ears, my wife did some research and given that we spent a little $ 7,350.00 in the last 12 months, maybe I should let you know. If it falls on deaf ears, then so be it.

Joe Provanzano

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store receipt info. store 93.

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