Complaint: Harrassment

on 28 March 2022 about Stop and Shop in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

I am disabled on permanent oxygen had lung cancer took out one of my lungs and now I have 1 lung to work with so I drive the wheel cart that you have in the stores I finished my food shopping and went to self checkout. As I am ringing up my food and putting it into my bags one of the Stop Shop ladies come at me in an attack mode Throwing my food around saying I didn’t ring up this and I didn’t ring up that and I told her I wasn’t finished ringing up my food but she kept yelling at me people are looking at me I’m embarrassed she’s attacking me verbally and physically i got so upset I couldn’t breathe I almost called 911 because I’m on oxygen because I can’t breathe she made it worse for me COML1ETLY UNACCEPTABLE!!I am a disabled elderly woman ..

Suggested solution:

I went to the manager and told him what happened and that I wanted her to be talked to and his response to me was do you want me to let you punch her in the face I couldn't believe his response that's probably why the employees are the way they are I don't feel he ever went and talked to her that's why I'm filing a complaint I will never shop at any Stop Shop again again I will be going to Walmart supermarket I told a lot of people what happened to me and a lot of people tell me they can't stand stop shop I will never enter any of your doors again We will see how you compensate me If you don't you're just as bad as they are

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