Complaint: Failure to have an accurate website for the covid-vaccine appointment

on 14 February 2021 about Stop and Shop in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

I stopped at Stop and Shop on Friday 21221 and checked with the pharmacy to see whether they are dispensing the covid-vaccine. The response was yes we are but you have to go online to make an appointment. Fair enough. I spent a couple of hours trying to make an appointment and I could only get so far because the website indicated that my Zip code of 11801 was not a valid Zip code. I have lived in Hicksville( zip code 11801) for 48 years and I get my mail including my bills at this Zip code. I was constantly sent to Portchester,N.Y. to make an appointment. I tried several ways to correct this but was totally unsuccessful. In addition the Zip code of the store is 11801.

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Suggested solution:

Fix the website to accurately reflect the correct information so the patrons of the store can actually make an appointment for the covid-vaccine.
I have no problem with the store other than the above and I spend a lot of money buying groceries at tis store. By the way a supply of Lysol can spray disinfectant
would be really helpful. The store indicates they have not seen this product in the store since the pandemic started. Really???????????

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