SoFi complaint: SoFi doesn’t care about my family

Complaint from Deletesofi reported on 29 March 2024 about SoFi

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My complaint:

I have two accounts with SoFi.

One in my husbands name that we have used for years. We use it daily, have the credit card, the IRA, we use the investing, we use every aspect of the app. I opened another account recently after getting another job and wanted to use the great savings rate to start saving money for our daughter. I’ve only had TWO deposits, both from the same employer . SoFi froze this account and gave me a number to call. I called them they asked why someone was depositing money and what my relation was. Again.. it’s an employer and they are bi weekly payments (two of them). It has now been three weeks and they refuse to close the account, when I call they refuse to do anything but tell me to keep an eye out for an email. So my money for my daughter is stuck . I didn’t want to close our 401k and other accounts (we have two paychecks deposited weekly in other SoFi account) we use this bank as our main banking. But at this point when they won’t even answer idk what else to do. Any suggestions? Our lawyer now wants us to file former complaints in the state of Florida and with the proper agencies.

Suggested solution:

Let me close my
Account or transfer the money out

SoFi complaint SoFi doesn’t care about my family
SoFi complaint SoFi doesn’t care about my family
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