Complaint: Money held, racial abuse, rudeness, loss of international phone call bills more than the amount being held

on 17 March 2021 about Skrill in category Payment Providers

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My complaint:

Good evening,

I hope your day is going well, i am filing a complain for the way the employees of Skrill treated me, accused me, and humiliated me. All proof available.

I made an account yesterday just to transfer money to an online website for playstation games and they had a good percentage if i chose to pay with Skrill

So as i did, transferred 850 SAR with my MasterCard, i as well added another card visa.

After transferring the amount, i had my money on hold and kept verifying my email account uploading pictures of my ID and such. I tried to see if i can pay while on hold with my VIsa card that had insufficient funds. So I don’t add more balance that I can’t use, and ended up being declined as the card was empty. Finally i called them and the first employee asked me one question for security, it was the date of birth and i answered correctly. She said im sorry we can’t go further ur answer waa wrong . After she closed i went to make sure of the date? It turned out she was reading from my ID which in arabic islamic countries has their own calendar so i bad two date of births written on my ID

Ofc i provided the known gregorian calender that is known everywhere. And she read the hijry birth of date. That was very odd to come from a customer service employee.

After realizing the issue i called again and another employee answered i explained there is two different calendars which one u asking for and she kept laughing thinking im stupid so i was racially abused by her, the employer before her, and their advisor as i asked to talk to her and explainer this ridiculous misunderstandings .

By each employee ofc they ask all security questions repeating them and i answered all correctly.

After that they asked for so many documents, transactions name of bank last numbers of each card and so much more i provided everything they asked. And even more. They did not apologize and kept being rude to me until i sent an email to them and mentioned everything they did and how i felt only then they apologized. I spent around 10-12 hours yesterday talking from employee to another answering same questions. Until they said it will take us several times to proceed.

Today they sent another email asking for same info they asked yesterday and taking selfie with my id and a lot more i have all their questions and emails.

I have proven to them i have done nothing wrong, i did make a purchase intentionally to check if it will go through why make a purchase and have more money stuck? Because they told me i should talk with my bank and you reached highest amount of balance? I know what i was using and doing.

I lost a lot of time with them, no results so far they banned my account for now, and my phone bill reached 700 SAR and the money i had held was 850. All local calls are free and i can bring you a receipt transactions that only these international calls made my balance this high from skrill.

My email for the account of skrill
Ticket Response (22301779)

I kindly ask you to please find a solution, and the best action you see is fair.

If you need evidence, info please email back

Best Regards.

Mohammed Khaled AlSaawi

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Suggested solution:

Give my money back, remove the hold or what ever. Official apology. And pay my phone bill.

Money held, racial abuse, rudeness, loss of international phone call bills more than the amount being held
Money held, racial abuse, rudeness, loss of international phone call bills more than the amount being held
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