Complaint: Undelivered food and paid for with no refund…

on 02 February 2021 about SkipTheDishes in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

I ordered some food from Skip the Dishes (STDs) on Saturday evening. My two previous orders had gone to my home address which is exactly where I wanted this food to be delivered to myself on Saturday night. I don’t know what made me think it was going to the wrong address, but I did, so I tried to check on my order notification on where it was going, I then tried checking in my own profile-settings to see which address was entered and could not find any information on where the delivery was going – anywhere on the site or the order?? So within 5 minutes of placing the order and paying, my only option was to contact the chat room. To which of course I did, asking them which address the food I had ordered 5 minutes ago, was going to, as I could not find any address information on my order – and I had a feeling it was going to the wrong address? Skip the Dishes responded 20 minutes later and told me the address it was going to – which was the wrong address as I had suspected. It was weird as both previous orders had come to my home address and I had never ordered any Skip the Dishes for the address they were sending this particular order too (an old business address). Avery from ‘STDs chat’ told me the restaurant I had ordered from did not deliver to my area (which is actually only 20 minutes away) so I told Avery to cancel the order immediately. I was told that was impossible and my only option was to go and pick it up. Why on earth would I use Skip the Dishes if I was able to go and pick it up?? Avery was adamant no refund would be given as the food had already been made (despite me contacting them within 5 minutes of ordering and telling them it was going to the wrong address – I would be worried if the food had been made within that time frame). Avery and Skip the Dishes gave me no other option at all other than a pick up (as I have no car that was impossible). Appalling and so wrong on all counts re the service, the time response, the zero forum for a formal complain and the lack of address information provided. When I tried to complain on the chat I was blocked? After two deliveries going to my correct home address and the third one going to an address I have never ordered Skip the Dishes from?? It seems rather illegal…

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Suggested solution:

A refund or food credit.

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