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on 01 August 2022 about ShopRite in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:


I’d like to share my horrific experience regarding the way I was treated during my Saturday visit to the pharmacy at the Shop Rite Of Belmar. I’d also like to mention that this is not the first time I’ve been spoken to in this manner by the same miserable woman who works at the pharmacy. I’ve also witnessed her speaking to elderly customers this way as well.

This particular instance, on Saturday, July 30th around 3:00PM I went into the pharmacy to buy Claritin (D-12, 30 Count) which was hanging behind the counter clearly labeled where I was able to see the price. It was marked $29.99, but rang up $31.99. When this nasty woman, whose name I unfortunately have not gotten because I’m almost certain she doesn’t wear a name tag, told me my total was $31.99, I said I think it scanned wrong, it’s marked $29.99 right there hanging from the shelf. She looked at me and said, Well it’s not $29.99, it’s ringing up $31.99. I said well it must be marked wrong, but you have to honor the price that it’s marked hanging on the shelf. —Just as if something in the grocery store was marked wrong on the shelf, the advertised price would have to be honored— She continues to argue with me, raise her voice, and roll her eyes over how it’s ringing up $31.99 and I’m just supposed to pay that price. Having walked in with exact cash (just enough to pay for my Claritin that I had seen the day before when I was in there for $29.99) I now had to walk back out to the car to get more money so I could be finished dealing with this impolite, disrespectful person at the pharmacy and go take this issue up with Customer Service. When I came back in from getting more money, the tag had been removed from the other boxes of Claritin hanging up. I paid her the $31.99 and had to ASK for a receipt as she wasn’t going to give me one. I also asked for the tag that was showing $29.99 so I could go and get my adjustment since she wasn’t willing to honor the price marked. She told me I wasn’t allowed to take the tag (even though it was the wrong price and was clearly not being hung back up on the shelf — not sure why.)

Since she wouldn’t give me the tag to take up to customer service with my receipt, I had to then explain what just happened back at the pharmacy to the girl at customer service and then she had to call back to the pharmacy. She honored the price and gave me the difference with no questions asked.

It’s not even about the $2 difference that I was owed, it was her demeanor and the way I was treated. I’m absolutely appalled at how rude and condescending this woman has been to me several times, and how I’ve witnessed her speak to others while at the pharmacy.

I’d be surprised if there weren’t multiple other complaints filed about her as well. I’m shocked that Shop Rite would want to employ someone like her to represent their company, but I thought it was time to report her after being spoken to in this manner, by her, time and time again.

I’d like a response regarding this complaint.
Sharon S.

Suggested solution:

Relocated, sensitivity training, or not have a job.

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