Shoppers Drug Mart complaint: rude customer service

on 06 November 2022 about Shoppers Drug Mart in category Pharmacy

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My complaint:

I asked the cashier nov52022 at 17:25:50 named Savana receipt info 0970 1011 829679 100120 3 if shoppers had an offer today because otherwise i would redeem my points and she said we have 20 times the points for purchases over $75.00 on a single transaction. She wasnt sure and checked this info out twice because she verified the amount required to be spent to earn 20X the points and that it should be in one single transaction. I decided to go ahead and pay for the purchase instead of redeeming my points. My total balance was $152.78tax$169.13. I left and checked my receipt at the parking lot and noticed that i rec’d 2250 points and digital offer 10,000. It didnt seem like a lot and went to ask her how many points do I get for every dollar spent and she was reading the ‘s on my receipt instead of answering the question. I asked her if she knows the answer and she said no, so i asked her who does know the answer the manager? so then she said the following while walking away from the cash towards the back of the store obviously you didnt familiarize yourself with the 20X the points offer so you dont know I thought I didn’t hear what i thought i heard and said excuse me can you repeat what you said again? and she pulled the card board with the 20X offer and she said here you go,you can spent all the time you need to reread the offer and familiarize yourself I said I am sorry but its rude to say this to customers. She didn’t answer and looked away. I said did i offend you or did i get offended? She answered back its my last shift and I dont need to have this conversation and I wont have this conversation. I asked to speak to her manager. The assistant manager came named Karen and listened to me. She told me that the 20x offer is available on the shoppers drug mart app and its different for every client so its not for every client. She also informed me that surveys dont reach back the store unless a name is mentioned which also means no matter how bad the service is provided to the customers, how rude or disrespectful it is nothing will happen not even a chance to train the staff that this behavior is hurtful if the staff undestand what they did. Savana all she did after she called the manager was to leave the cash, leave the customers unattended to use the self check out and hid at the back of the store. Great customer service. I definately will never visit the aurora store ever again and expect to get 20X the points for this VERY BAD AND POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!

Suggested solution:

I want to get 20X the points as I was advised I would get before I started my transaction and paid for my purchases.

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