Complaint: Refund not even considered by the website

on 23 February 2021 about Shaw Academy in category Education

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My complaint:

I created an account but cancelled it within four days of signing up as I found the constant emails irritating. My cancellation was done before the end of my free trial. Five months later I received a notification saying that money had gone from my PayPal to Shaw Academy. They refused to refund me even though they were at fault and instead offered me an extended membership. Despite contacting them to say I was not interested and I was legally entitled to a refund, they refused to give me a refund and stopped replying to my emails. As far as I am aware, since I had not accessed any of the materials yet and had brought up the issue within 14 days of the payment going through, I should be entitled to a full refund. I had not been previously notified that there was an outstanding payment, or that there weren’t sufficient funds in my PayPal account, in fact, I have my PayPal records and I know this amount has been in my account for the past few months, so this transaction has come out of the blue. The website quoted their terms and conditions to me, however these only state that the membership charges will take be debited corresponding to the commencement of my paid membership plan. I know that I had made the cancellation before the end of the free trial period and have the emails to prove this, however the website has completely stopped replying to my emails.

Suggested solution:

They should resume communication with me and issue me a refund as I have proof of cancellation as well as screenshots of my PayPal statements. I am not even asking for compensation for the difficulties I have faced and the time I have wasted trying to chase them for the refund, but I would like a refund of the amount I was charged.

Refund not even considered by the website
Refund not even considered by the website
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