Sams Club complaint: ATTSam’s Club Fraud

on 13 July 2022 about Sams Club in category Retail Company

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My complaint:

On 5-09-2022 I was approached by a representative that was operating out of the ATT booth located inside the Sam’s Club in Rome, Ga. He said he was an ATT employee and today I find out that isn’t true. He works for a subcontractor that is contracted not only through ATT but also has contracted with Sam’s Club to rent the space the booth occupies. After speaking with some Sam’s Club employees, I came to discover that Sam’s Club is aware that these so called ATT Employees are defrauding Sam’s Club members and it appears that Sam’s Club is turning a blind eye to the ongoing fraud. This guy who said his name was Eduardo Carvalho explained I could get a free phone exchange (trade my Samsung Galaxy S5 Active for the Samsung Galaxy S22) by upgrading to an ATT unlimited Data plan. This was a collaborative deal being offered by ATT and Sam’s Club for Sam’s Club members. I was very reluctant, but after about 2 hours of going over the details I was assured that my monthly ATT bill was only going to increase $2.00 per month (other than a $22 serviceprocessing fee, that would happen the first two months) for the Data Plan upgrade and that my old phone to new phone trade would be free. Now, just a little over two months, I get a message from ATT that I no longer have an eligible unlimited plan, so my monthly smartphone credit has been placed on hold. After calling ATT they said the plan required for the credit would increase my monthly bill $20.00 per month. It seems they are giving me a choice now between accepting a $20.00 per month increase on my phone bill or pay $800 for the new phone. I shipped my old phone to ATT within two days of accepting the agreement that was presented by Eduardo. I never agreed, nor would have ever agreed, to a $20.00 per month increase for any Data Plan, and I sure as hell wouldn’t have ever agreed to pay $800 for a phone. But because of the Sam’s ClubATT collaborative promotion, being presented by a subcontracted con man and company I can’t get in touch with anymore, well, what do you think? You think I’m going to take this laying down? You’re crazy. And for Sam’s Club to be aware of, and to condone this outrageous business practice upon its members is outrageous to say the least. All the paperwork generated at this booth by Eduardo is on ATT letter heads and logos. The booth is adorned by many ATT logos. Eduardo was wearing ATT logo attire. And it was all a complete lie with what appears to be a Sam’s Club blessing.

Suggested solution:

Sam's or ATT should pay for the phone (seeing that ATT now has my old phone that they will not be able to return to me). And my original data plan and rate should be reinstated on my ATT bill and that needs to take effect within the next 30 days (that is if ATT wants to retain my business). Today's date is 7-12-2022 at 7:58pm EST.

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