Complaint: Security gaurd parking lot

on 06 June 2019 about Safeway in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

My husband and I went to Safeway to get food and he couldn’t remember if he locked his car so we went to the exit to push the button we heard it beep and then we forgot a bag after getting two fruit bowls and exiting to get the bags the store manager asked the parking lot security gaurd to follow us to the parking lot to ask what’s up the store employees are complaining your going in and out we explained to him that we were shopping for food and he was putting his gloves on as he was questioning us then stood in our way refusing to Allow us to enter the store again to finish shopping instead he harrassed us and started cuzzing at us telling us to leave the store a and being incredibly rude for locking the car and grabbing a bag I called Safeway they told me to call tomorrow and talk to Jeffery and then hung up the manager refused to give a company name he worked for if he doesn’t work for Safeway then why is he inside the store acting as Safeway security gaurd at the entry way and allowed to block customers from entering or exiting the store.Also I was highly offended by the faul manner in which he started cussing at us in the parking lot as well demanded we go to a different store blocking us from shopping at the store would like to make a formal complaint with the store manager as well as the parking lot security company and individual security gaurd from tonight the incident happened at 10:pm on June 5 th 2019 when asked what company he worked for the manager refused to give us the company name has anyone had any troubles with the new security gaurd for Safeway on Ave in Santa Rosa CA parking lot of safewy store.

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I want to know how he is going to repremanded for one and for two that this kind of situation will not happen again and if customers get harrassed by the security gaurds after a formal complaint what formal actions will be taken how will it be prevented in the future thanks very much. please let me know your repsonse thank you

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