Complaint: Card to Card Transfers not Honoring limits set on Cardholder Agreement

on 15 May 2020 about RushCard in category Payment Providers

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My complaint:

I had a friend help me with contacting rush card customer service chat. the 800 number make it hard to reach a person. I don’t know much about computers and needed to see why my transfer kept saying i exceeded the monthly limit.

I contacted Este, Shara, and Irene via chat on while logged into my account. I told each of them I was getting an error message everytime I tried to make a card to card transfer, the message said that I had exceeded my limit of card to card transfers for the month. However i had not. On the cardholder agreement under the ‘limits’ section it says the limit for card to card transfers is as follow: $2000 per 24 hour period and $5000 per rolling 30 day period. At this point my card to card transfers totaled $2341.00. I spoke to Este how said she would look into the issue and told me to hold – I did- The chat timed out.

I activated chat again and on the second time Shara assisted me. She told me that ‘all the customers know that it is $2000 per rolling 30 days’. she also told me that the limits were $5000 per 24 hour period and $2000 per rolling 30 days. I told her she was wrong and those numbers where backwards. At one point during the chat she also mention that i was correct it was $2000 per rolling 30 days and spending limit was $5000 (I have no idea what she was talking about, i never said anything about a spending limit). After i told her i was looking at the card holder agreement that showed the card to card transfer limit, she never responded back. After a while and send a couple messages to her asking her if she was still there, the chat was disconnected (not by me).

The third person I spoke to was Irene. Irene started out making me feel like she was going to help however, she said I had exceeded the card transfer limit of $2000 for a 24 hr period. I proceeded to tell her i never had $2000 in my account at one time to transfer so that could not be the problem. I also told her a friend of mine had this same problem with rush years ago and she called and it was researched and fixed. Irene told me to ‘kindly try the transfer at a later time. After telling her I’ve been trying for days and asking her what did she do to make it work later, if she did anything, and does she see what i see on the cardholder agreement- she never responded and i found myself minutes later having a chat conversation with myself, I ended the chat when it was apparent she was not going to answer me back. Rated the chat session a 1 star and left a lengthy complaint.

I opened another chat session and was blessed to get Irene again. She seem a little more cooperative by asking if I was making the transfer through the mobile app, i told her i used the app and a desktop computer. she did not respond and by this time i only wanted a complaint number or contact method (she did not give me one)- after not receiving a response in almost 4 minutes I told her i guess she left me on read again, waited about 30 seconds and disconnected the chat

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Suggested solution:

Rushcard's customer service is horrible. The chat sessions only left me more frustrated than I was. To resolve this complaint, I would ask that rushcard fix their card to card transfer limits in their system to match what they have given to their customers on the cardholder agreement.
It would also help to pull the transcripts from my chat sessions with Este, Shara, and Irene and coach them as to how to handle a customer on Chat. Listen to the customer's issue, Apologize to the customer for the inconvenience, Solve the customers issue (if it needs research, let the customer know you have to send it for research and really send for research) Thank the customer contacting and ask if there is anything else they can assist the customer with.

another thing would be--- if the customer is saying they are reading it somewhere, ask them where and then go to that place with them and read what they are telling you they see. This way if something is being read incorrectly, the agent can the customer to the right information or interpretation. Neither of the agents acknowledged that they saw what i was reading, they only overlooked what i was saying to tell me i was wrong, or i exceeded the limits. Its like they did not even try.

another thing rush can do is... if its clearly a system error and the customer has not exceeded the transfer limits, allow the customer service agent to transfer the funds needed until the issue is fixed in the system. This is clearly a system issue and is not the first time its happened. Rushcard agents seem oblivious to Rush's policies over the phone (sometimes) and as i now know via chat also. No one tries to help.

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