Complaint: Overstepping boundaries and racism

on 20 February 2021 about Royal Alexandra Hospital in category Healthcare

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My complaint:

My mother has had a nightmare of treatment from this facility. Her hip collapsed last year. They were going to fo operation… then wouldn’t. I had to find a surgeon who would do the surgery. Then they neglected her physio, as she had an infection. Plus other various things in between including me getting a call at Christmas telling me she needed surgery to she won’t survive surgery and they were going to let her die. The suspected appendicitis or diverticulitis. Then I get a call the next day she is doing fine with antibiotics as it was gallbladder. Then she has has several times had bedsores and had other problems they didn’t discover. Until I brought it up. I have been working trying to get funding for extra help as homecare Is horrible and the staff and managers nasty pieces of work. Now I have 2 bullies from administration who unethically invoked the hospital act forcing her into a seniors home with covid and not even in the city. Why don’t these 2 cows live in the home proving it safe. Because seniors are dying at an alarming rate. These biaches donalda dyjur and nicole aichinger, these bleeps should not be working in a hospital environment and with patients. They don’t give a crap about people and family

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Mind their own business and not murder my mother by putting her in a home. They had no right bullying me or my mother but they consider indigenous people below them. I have already been making arrangements for my mother to come home

Overstepping boundaries and racism
Overstepping boundaries and racism
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