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on 07 October 2020 about Rona Home and Garden in category Household Goods

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My complaint:

I placed an order for LG microwave Article 30895136 at Rona Dix30 store on June 5th,2020 and was noticed today by email from the department that they can’t order this item anymore and asked me to go back to store for refund.

I went to the store in July and August to ask for the order status, the same staff Mr. Richard Couturier told me that if I don’t receive any call from him, it means they don’t receive the order without even going to the system to check.

I passed by the store on October 4th 2020 and inquire my order status from a young man and was told that my order was completed on August 24th 2020. I told him that I haven’t never received a call from Rona regarding the pickup. He suggested me to come back to the store in 20 minutes when Mr. Richard Couturier comes back from his break.

I came back later and asked Mr. Richard what happened with my order, he said maybe it’s computer issue or some cashier messed up the system. He asked me to go home and get him the original receipt and he will ask his manager to further investigate. I went back and forth to get him the receipt and he made a copy and told me the manager will take a look first thing in the morning and call me. I didn’t received any callsemails until this afternoon at 5:13PM from Mr. Richard for refund.

I went back to the store and told Mr. Richard that I would like to speak with his manager. At that time Mr. Richard was checking TVA news and told me there is nothing he can do as they can no longer place the order for LG microwave. I questioned him: So I don’t even deserve to know what happened with my order and I’m supposed to just take my refund and go home? The answer from Richard was: It is what it is, there is nothing I can do.

Mr. Richard called a manager from a different department named Patrick who can only speak French and just listened to Richard explain. I told Richard to get another manager who can also speak english, then Emmanuel came and we explained the whole story again to him and he just told us that he will discuss with Richard’s manager tomorrow morning and let me know after.

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Suggested solution:

First thing first, please always make sure your website information is up to date. as of today, I can still place that LG microwave order online.

Please advise your employee to be more attentive in terms of customer service, Mr. Richard could simply check his system and advise me the order status earlier.

I still want my microwave, not sure if I deserve a free one after 4 months waiting for nothing. I will let you decide.

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