Roblox complaint: They do not have any security for their customers and don’t protect their customers from being a hacked!

on 27 August 2022 about Roblox in category Gaming

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My complaint:

My daughter had her account even though email verification was on. She is currently 10 years old and she ends up losing all of her valuable pets, items, and Robux from Adopt me, Royal High, MM2, Bloxburg, etc. Of course, with their lack of ability to handle any problems for their valuable customer, my daughter at 10 years old, lost all of her hope and even told me that she will study hard to become a computer programmer to hack the Roblox platform. Of course, she was punished by saying stuff like that, but I personally believe this platform needs to hire more professional personnel to handle issues like this in a professional manner. When you type Getbeamed, on a friend’s search, you find 1000’s of kids, around the world, being infected by these hackers. These game developers and company is very toxic for kids. I also believe they cannot protect any kids in this world, and they just love to protect themselves from other kids. They are not responsible enough to take any calls from their own customers nor avoid returning any phone calls. Roblox is a very toxic, Non-responsible, and unprofessional network. I will not give up and try my best to receive everything back to my daughter’s account and even think to take this matter more deeply into our, adult world (Legal) in the future.

Suggested solution:

They should stop playing blaming games and be professionally responsible for their network and their platform. Their main clients are the Kids! They are our future, but this platform is teaching the meaning of unfairness by letting hackers get into their accounts and company don't even temp to trace their IP addresses. (Maybe it's themselves who are hacking these kid's accounts) These kids don't even deserve to receive any unfairness from these non-professional company, Roblox!

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