Roblox complaint: Stolen Roblox items

on 12 June 2022 about Roblox in category Gaming

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My complaint:

My ROBLOX username is Conpanter.

Roblox user who went by the username of floozylia, who has now changed their username to Racyuia, sent a friend request to me in order to negotiate a deal. When I accepted the friend request, they asked if I wished to trade my Black iron horns for another item. They asked me to check if my item was stolen or not using trade API. They gave me a misleading tutorial on how to use the API to check if my items were stolen or not. This misleading tutorial allowed them access to my account, so they managed to steal my items from my account. Due to their main account (Racyuia) having a large amount of items, they used an alternative account called docsverifyx17 to take the items and transfer them elsewhere.
The items that were stolen were Black iron horns, Rusty tetramino of competence, chill cap and green goof. The item they used to take those items was an NFL draft chain.
I did not give them my password as they did not require that to enter my account.

Below I am providing evidence regarding the incident.
Please note that in the discord conversation, they deleted all of their messages rapidly in order to hide the evidence.
You can not imagine how much distress am going through due to the loss of my items and I would be grateful if you could help me recovering them.
I reported this to Roblox in the same day but they came back with unexpected decision that Roblox are not going to restore my items as they think my account was not compromised. I tried to explain to them that the other player compromised my account by cheating on me and authorised a trade against my intention.

Suggested solution:

Return my stolen 4 Roblox items, which are black iron horns, green goof, rusty tetramino of competence and Chill cap.

Stolen Roblox items
Stolen Roblox items
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