Prime Video complaint: The selection of movies covered by my mothly frr has all but vanished.

on 03 October 2022 about Prime Video in category Online Services

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My complaint:

I’ve been an Amazon Promemovie member for many years and enjoyed the selection of movies and shows offrred along with the occasional order with prime free delivery.
It seems to me they’ve changed the policy regarfing Prime Tv and whenever l log on am confronted with multiple pay for movies, to the point l have a problem finding movies to wstch that are covered by my monthly fee?
Let me make myself purfectly clear if l cannot get a response or find a selection of movies for me to watch, prime delivery is the least reason l would stay with their company.
I will pull my membership and move on, too many choices and too little time to wander their site looking for movies my monthly fee covers.

Suggested solution:

Take the charges off the movies they provide on prime tv.
Have the monthly fee cover them as it was.

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