Prime Video complaint: The Big Man(Liam Neelsan)

on 24 September 2022 about Prime Video in category Online Services

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My complaint:

I was watching a film on Amazon prime video was enjoying the movie but about 40minutes into the movie when of the leading actors (Brian Connolly) pushed a dog of a bridge. This movie is only from 1990. I believe that is a really inappropriate to put that into the movie dough I obviously know it’s not real it still shocked me being a dog owner also a animal lover and what of thought why would any director or producer put that into a movie. I would also add the way it was filmed the scene in question was like it was ment to be funny or light-hearted. I can tell you there was nothing bud contempt and shock and I stopped watching from the movie from then on.

Suggested solution:

Take the movie of straight away it's wrong in every sense of moral code..

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