Priceline complaint: Priceline refusing to give me the refund the hotel already issued

on 24 June 2022 about Priceline in category Travel

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My complaint:

I made a reservation for May 11, 2022-May 27,2022 at Microtel and I checking in around 2pm. I was there about 3 hours and became very sick with nausea and Migraine, it was getting to the point that I was considering going to the Emergency Room. I went to the Frontdesk and told them there were some kind of Chemical smells in my room and it was making me very sick. She went to my and ed that the smells were there but could not determine where it was coming from. She switched rooms for me and the same smells were in that room as well. When my son arrived about 6pm he to ed the smells. Because the front desk could not eliminate the cause of my Medical Emergency that was through no fault of my own they said they would cancel my reservation but I would have to pay for 1 night since the cleaning staff had left and they could not rent out my room for that night. I told her that was fine. I asked her for something showing it was cancelled, she said I had to call the 3rd party because she could not give me anything. I called them and they said I had to cancel online and I was not looking at the ation at the time they told me that so I did not know there was no way for me to cancel online. I have talked to the Manager at Microtel Inn and she said the refund was issued on May 11th minus one night. I have tried many times to reach Priceline and been put on hold for 1 hour and 40 minutes just to be hung up on. This has been a very terrible situation and I need my refunding immediately. Because I was told I could cancel and got a temporary refund until Priceline refused it and now I have checks bounding. This medical emergency was caused by the hotel, there was no way for me to know in advance that this would possible happen therefore I could not cancel the day before or anytime before it happened. When I call Priceline Customer Service the recording says another name, not my name then asks what date of my reservation I am, calling about and I state May 11, 2022 and the recording says we have no record of that stay please get the right information and call us back and hangs up on me. This has absolutely been one of the worst experiences with a hotel registration and I need it fixed immediately.

Suggested solution:

I want Priceline to immediately refund my $1646.24 minus 1 night that the hotel charged. The Manager said Priceline can call them, they will the cancellation so the refund can be processed. Priceline should be liable for my bounced check fee of $36 for every check that bounced because of this situation. However, just getting my refund will be the best I could hope for. In case you do not have a record of My stay like your system states my Name is Donna Duran, my emails is [email protected] and my phone number is 720-707-5437. I can send you a ation email that I received for this transaction showing it was paid. If you need Microtel Inn Phone Number 303-371-8300. With all this information there should be no excuse to delay this any further. Thank you...

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