Popeyes complaint: Very Rude Employee and didn’t get have my order

Complaint from Nasty Workers reported on 19 May 2024 about Popeyes

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My complaint:

I went in at 12:10pm and ordered 2 dinners and and extra side, I paid 21.92 for both meals, the lady was extremely rude the whole time, seems she was like that before I arrived there, her attitude showed very much. After my order was place a man came in after me and placed his order, well she called my number and I stepped up and said that’s me well she only gave me one meal so I asked for my other meal and she said give me your ticket so I gave her my ticket and she said no that’s right what I gave you and she refused to give me my ticket back and gave my second missing meal to the man behind me, when I asked for my second two piece dinner she told me to be quiet and move along. This is definitely stealing in my book, she took my money and gave me half of my order and refused to give me my receipt back. Now this was a time that the chicken should have been fresh but it was greasy, so greasy that it was shiny and tasted awful and couldn’t eat it, the fries were also horrible. I do t think I will go back there any more and I truly believe that nothing will never become of it at all, the only think I have proof of is my checking account statement showing I went in Popeyes and spend my hard earn money which was stolen and never received my full order…….

Suggested solution:

The worker should be talked to about how to approach and address a customer and I should receive the money back for my two piece meal that I bought and never got.

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