Popeyes complaint: Reporting Manager this Day 05-13-2023 at 800pm

on 14 May 2023 about Popeyes in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

I placed an online order, and I was picking up. Parked my car, and I try to go inside. The Lady Manager was out giving an order to someone, first thing she said was. Sir, you can’t go inside… i said I place an order online. She said but you have to go thru the drive thru.

Thank God the Drive Thru was empty. Went to the speaker, and the said to place the order. It was her again on the speaker. I said I placed an order online. The speaker is not even working properly, so it was a low volume.

I was asking to choose the pieces cause I ordered 3 pcs chicken combo and the app only asked for white (displaying Breast and Wing) or dark meat (drum and thigh). Didn’t me the choice to customize (the app need some work). But back to the story. I went thru the window, cause she was saying on the speaker: please sir come to the window not even hearing what I was saying.

I said ok, let me talk to the person at the window. Gave me the soda a guy there at the window. I started to say to him: I placed and order online, didn’t give me the option on the app to select 3 breast in which I wanted. If I could select them, then he called the manager she was wearing a dark gray shirt. I know she was the manager.

I know the important part of the story. I explained to him what happened he called her. I said I want 3 breasts with my order and she said: I can’t give you 3 breast because you didn’t pay for them.

I explained the issue of the app. This is beside the point – I know breasts are an extra charge. I was willing to do it on the app; but noo option.

Back to the story, I said ok it says white and dark meat options on the app I said. One wing and One Breast. So I knew I had to get one breasts at least.

Then I said Ok, I want the breasts. She said no I can’t cause the system blah blah blah. I don’t know if she couldn’t or she didn’t want it. But all of this with an attitude.

Then I said well charge me whatever I have to pay to get the breasts. But she ignored me and went to the other side of the room. Then no apple pie was available either so they asked me what I wanted if I wanted a biscuit blueberry somethinh like that. I said ok.

But I said to her before I left from the outside of the window. Cause I was polite from the beginning. Until she started giving an attitude. I was not there to have an issue, just give the food I want to order. I am willing to pay, not asking for anything free.

But before I left I asked the guy is she the manager, he said yes. I said ok, someone bigger than her is going know about this. And I said to her from the window you have an attitude issue and left.

She probably tired, annoyed and all of that I understand. But when she right out of the bat gives an attitude, then ignores, and don’t cooperate with customer as a Manager. Then there is an issue here.

I called the store to find out her name. But as you may know, nobody answered.

But I am going to describe her, without any racial bias or anything.

A little over weight black lady around 25 – 35 years old, with dark gray polo shirt.

Time it was 8:00pm and I left around 8:17pm from the location on 05/13/23.

Address: 2578 Candler Rd, Decatur GA 30032.

So the manager in place was her this day.

Just to finish the story, she went to check her phone too while talking to me. First time here cause is always full and probably the last time. I understand is the ghetto and all that; but she started a fight without me saying anything; and she has no right to start one. So that is what got me annoyed. This is not the kind of management we want, and I am reporting her.

Suggested solution:

I don't have an idea. I am just looking out for me and the customers. If she don't or can't do the job she needs to be replaced.

Reporting Manager this Day 05-13-2023 at 800pm
Reporting Manager this Day 05-13-2023 at 800pm
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