Complaint: customer service and quality of food

on 25 June 2022 about Popeyes in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

i worked all day got off of work to take my family for some take out. we drove 21miles to get popeyes chicken. first your manager on shift wasn’t even dressed for the roll i asked if i could get all dark meat in my 16 piece family meal . the girl asked the manager and she responded rude from that point on her demeanor went extremely down hill . not a good rep. for your company very understaffed three other people working that in my opion she was rude to. under stocked on food ive gotten food from popeyes before and it was great (crestview fl location) . after 62.36 in food we left and we tryed to enjoy the cajunfries on our way home 21 miles and they were cold we got home and the chicken was horrible some was dry and like rubber as it was microwaved the coleslaw was nasty the only thing good was the mash potatoes. my teens 2 buffalo ck sandwiches were nasty according to him. my stomache has been upset all-night and today . i have never filed a complaint to any restaurant corporate office before but this was so bad that your my first .this is my receipt information for you to be able to verify that im not just trolling you.friday june 24 2022 06:27 pm t01L I1 C300

store 13655
mastercard 9168, auth:223021, type:credit, ctroutd:25890, merchant id:334768969886 order number 43 total was $62.36

Suggested solution:

fix your store . i dont really know what you want to do you decide. i will not go back to that store ever or recomend it to any one if mangement is like that how do you think the other staff will act. i will drive 30 miles to crestview next time . hopefully the service is still good there . maybe yall need to go back to the mom and pop attitude in your stores and not the corporate i dont care give me your money and take what you get attitude. if it wasnt so far away i would have taken the food back.

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