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on 12 January 2022 about Pick n Pay in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

Via that useless web site for online ordering, i ordered 30 tins of no name CAT TUNA 170g and i clicked DO NOT SUBSTITUTE. I got a call saying there was a problem withthe invoicing but it would be delivered today. On checking the invoice i saw it was tuna for humans. After 5 attempts to call the shop, each time they jusy hung up, i finally got someone to cancel the order. There is no way i ordered that. I carefully made my way shopping by aisle to pet care to cats. Looking now i see that product is not listed. I doubt that anyone could have made that online system any more difficult. I tried to order pilchards in jell, added it to the trolley. When i viewed the trolley it was empty. I suggest you get the programmer who wrote the code for that site to call me. After 35 years in the computer business i can explain to him just how useless that system is and point out all the errors. Obviously has never heard of the term user friendly. Only technically clever.

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Suggested solution:

Refund my credit card payment immediately and fix that site.

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