PC Optimum complaint: Locked PC Optimum Account

Complaint from dsythe reported on 20 May 2024 about PC Optimum

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My complaint:

Somehow…for some unforseen reason my PC Optimum account got locked for me to redeem points in December 2023. I have been on the phone with customer service many, many times and jumped through several hoops to fix it and still is not resolved. I missed using points for my Christmas shopping and now would like to use points for gardening items. I was given a case 18506946 and was told an email would come to me regarding the case. I have gotten no email (checked junk email) and am not sure if anything is now being done with this situation. This is the most frustrating experience I ever encountered. Every representative gives me a different answer and tells me it is fixed and it is NOT! How difficult is it to unlock my account so I can redeem MY points?

Suggested solution:

Unlock my account so I can redeem points and I should be compensated for all this aggrivation!!

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