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Complaint from Anonymous28759 reported on 26 February 2024 about Payoneer

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My complaint:

I signed up with Payoneer expecting great things. I submitted all the required documents and added my bank. I got through to the bank verification stage and successfully entered the correct amounts for the micro deposits that they send you. In order to get a USD account, my LAST step was to send a bank document. I sent them a statement, it was rejected. I tried to see what was wrong with it and tried again. It was rejected. I tried a different bank document, that was rejected. I called my bank trying to fix the address (I thought it was rejected because of the address–they left my community out). I resolved the issue and I contacted Payoneer about why the statement was rejected. They told me that they can’t tell me why. I sent the corrected statement from my bank and contacted Payoneer (through live chat) about my verification issues. The rep told me to wait on the decision (of the last statement I sent). Then, I received an email saying that my account is blocked and that I violated terms and conditions.

I did everything RIGHT. I asked for help. I tried to ask them what else to do. I later read an article that said that I could send a video or screenshots to show that the statement was real. This was nowhere on the document portal. How am I supposed to know this? My statement has the bank logo, correct bank name, my correct name, address (as it appears on my ID) and it even had Payoneers deposits ON THE PAGE. They need to be clear about this and not expect you to just know. What’s sad is that this is the only company available to help me in my country. No one else. I NEVER even got to use the account. I honestly told them that it was a misunderstanding. I pleaded with them. No explanation. I did every step with honesty. I reached out to them and I was told that they only help active members and my emails got nowhere. They even told me to find some other place. WHO DOES THAT?! I wasn’t actively trying to violate any terms.’

I see that this is consistent with Payoneer. I see so many reviews of them doing this to people. Even long-standing users. If I had somewhere else to go to, I would.

Suggested solution:

Allow me to go through the process again, this time I will prove that my statement is legit. I wasn't trying to violate any terms. I just needed better guidance. Or allow me make a new account. Please.

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