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on 07 March 2022 about Parkdean Resorts in category Travel

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My complaint:

Regarding our stay at Parkdean (Camber sands) on Friday P.M 4th March to Monday 7th March A.M 2022. We one caravan of a group of five caravans, we arrived on friday only to be told at the gate that saturday night the club room would be closed as it was a private party and we would be using the restarent on saturday evening to provide the Entertainment.
On satuerday however, it was plain to see that the room was not big enough to accomodate the number of guest on the site nor did it provide much of a veiw of what was going on, to those lucky enough to get a seat with all the seats being taken by mid-afternoon,

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Can not, to late

Comment by poster of the complaint m.b

3 months ago - Camber Sands need to improve, in different areas, such as pathways, road that goes around site, anyone that was at camber fri 4th-mon 7th, will know what i mean. it was very wet sludge, slippy ? PATHWAYS, too narrow you cannot walk side by side your walking in a straight line. and should another family be walking towards you (which they did) whose the one thats going to walk in the mud.... both families i honestly dont know how many pair of shoes trainers have been ruind, as well as clothing. ROADS around the camp, need re surfing due to large amount puddles and at night, and try to avoid them in poor lighting conditions. last but not least, what happened to the chippy. oh yes i forgot they had a big problem with the staff and food to cold, they did not seam to improve that. no message in shop window (sorry we are now closed) it would be alright in summer when the ground is dry, but there again i dont know because the on site gas delivery has managed to churn the green space with his wheels very disappointing, some caravans have benches outside which cover a few inches of public walkway, wont becoming again

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