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on 17 October 2022 about Parkdean Resorts in category Travel

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My complaint:

I am very unhappy that I must write to you with my issues with my holiday at Looe Bay holiday park, but it is unfortunately necessary.
On arrival we had been given the Mevagissey Crescent Number 084 when my wife and I first entered the accommodation it was evident it had dogs staying in this accommodation approximately six weeks before our stay was due to start , I personally made a phone call to Park dean which has been logged on your system , I explained that my wife had a terrible allergy to animal hair , I was assured my you customer care team that the accommodation allocated to us would not of had any animals in the accommodation (pet free ) . this was a false reassurance from yourselves
As soon as my wife entered the accommodation Her chest became tight and struggled to catch her breath , Not only this issue be for I go on , was harrowing not just for my wife but also for myself to witness as I was assured by your company that we was in a pet free accommodation But on my inspection of this accommodation which for all intents and purposes was to be our home for 14 nights
• Windows was rotten with sticky handprints
• The outside of the fridge was sticky also
• The Bedroom was Mouldy up the walls with damp
• The sitting room had mould spores up the walls
• The radiators were fill with muck and God knows what
• The radiator in the sitting room was badly rusted
• One of the rings on the hob did not work (knob would not turn)
• The soft furnishings were filthy and torn
This accommodation was Totally unacceptable. I went to the reception and explained again about my wife’s allergies to pet hair eventually after being told that there was no other accommodation available to us
The reception called for the site manager he was a bit reluctant to say that he possibly had another one.
I collected my wife who was at this point was close to tears, I took her to view other accommodation which was plot 194 on first inspection it was on first impression better than the last, so we had no other option than to accept it
The house keepers made the bed etc and of they went by this time it was about quarter past five in the evening.
After a dreadful night’s sleep my wife and I found the bed base had collapsed in the centre of the slats, and the whole accommodation stank of damp obviously where it hadn’t been used for a while the sitting room carpet was filthy with what I can only assume to be spilt food, the whole seating area was thread bare and very uncomfortable.
• Window fastenings were broken in one way or another (Have Photos which are attached
• The pat testing is out of date as being a tester myself it is a required to be updated
• Fire extinguisher is out of date
• Very stained and dirty when I sat down with light coloured clothing when I got up they were dirty from the soft furnishings

It was explained to us by the housekeeper that this was one of the older units which fair enough, but from a paying guest point of view we should still have the comfort and security for the 14nights that we were there for
We certainly did not have any kind of comfort within our accommodation but
The overall compound of the camp site we found unacceptablethere was dog faeces every were due to the irresponsible dog owners as they failed to pick up their own dog mess which frankly is not only disgusting but totally unacceptable.
The venue had no Costa coffee as advertised on our arrival whilst we waited for our first trailer ass re arrived a hour early we was constantly being told we had come out of season
There was no entertainment in the evening except Bingo, quizzes but there was children entertainment and once again was told that it was out of season
I Find this not only distressing and unfortunate but also greatly false advertisement!
On other holiday resorts that we have been to at the same time year as I have a holiday for my birthday, they have catered for everyone entirely different also may I add this has been in the looe area.
Another Query is the fact that we had booked for 14nights that we had no offer to have clean sheet halfway through our stay
So, we went out and supplied our own bedding for the second half of our stay
We had Park Dean recommended to us, so we booked up last year2021 and had looked forward to a well deserved holiday for over a year to be totally let down and have been told the untruth about plot 084 being Pet free accommodation by your customer service team prior to our stay
Unknowingly before our travels to you holiday resort
I have booked up for next year and started paying for my wife and I next holiday with you in 2023 on the same site and same time unless you can give me 100% Guarantee that all my concerns and complaints can be rectified and we are not going to have the whole nightmare experience again next year I would like all my monies that I have paid returned so I can rebook some were else
Like I originally quoted at the beginning of this email it was unfortunate to write to yourselves but necessary
I hope you can appreciate all my upset and frustration. Looking forward to you response and explanation

Suggested solution:

when they can guarantee my next year holiday with be perfect or if the cant guarantee this then a refund of all monies Paid
and a refund for this year as i had to put my wife in bed and breakfast im not asking for that monies just the holiday accommodation i have paid park dean for

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