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on 26 July 2020 about Panera Bread in category Restaurants

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My complaint:

I’ve been a long time customer of Panera Bread and while we are hesitant to eat from outside during the pandemic, we still felt safe eating from Panera Bread considering the brand have been ordering meals from here frequently.

I ordered a Frontega Chicken sandwich for my wife but got Bacon in it instead, which we only realized after she took a bite. Since we picked up the order at 7:30pm EST not only did we have to skip our dinner completely, since all other options got shut by 8pm, it also caused serious spiritual harm to our family.

Chicken is the only meat we eat as a family and she was on a personal religious quest for the past one month, wherein should could NOT have any meat (except for chicken), all of which got shattered because of this wrong order. Not only can this not be undone now but this is also considered bad omen spiritually and has put the entire family under a lot of psychological pressure. This unfortunate incident happened at the one month anniversary of our new born.

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Suggested solution:

Panera Bread needs to take serious action for the harm they caused our family. Am not really sure what they can do at this point to correct this.

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