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on 02 May 2021 about Panera Bread in category Restaurants

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I ran by PB to get a bowl of soup for a person just out of the hospital and 12 salad for myself. Total was around $13. I get home only to find a tiny condiment container that was only 12 filled for my dressing. I would guess maybe 2 tablespoons or less! It is infuriating to order a salad and then the restaurant cheap shot the buyer on dressing! You are in the FOOD business and dressing is part of the salad purchase-or SHOULD be. Nothing more aggravating than getting shafted at the drive through!! When I buy laundry detergent, I get a bottle with the ounces in check…I don’t have to come home and say well crap, they only filled it half way!!!!! When I buy from chic-fil-a, I receive a sealed bag of dressing to go with the salad and it is the same amount EVERY time! It seems every time I decide to give Panera one more chance I live to regret it!!

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Close your store since you don't know how to respect your customers!

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