Complaint: Customer Service and lack of staffing on a Saturday morning at 8

on 18 April 2021 about Panera Bread in category Restaurants

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I have been a customer of Panera for years. I have been visiting this Wappingers Falls store in NY now for a bit of time.

Yesterday my father and I went to have our usual breakfast and since I am a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and having held various positions of management in the food service industry to include Manager, G.M and D.M…..I was really surprised by the fact that there was ONE counter person who was doing an AWESOME job all by herself with two people struggling in the back.

She was really very good at keeping her cool and taking care of not only the walk in customers but the to go orders as well.

My dad ordered his coffee and two breakfast wraps. There was a couple of people ahead of us but nothing too taxing from what I could see.

We went and got our coffee….COLD….and milk lacking in the bottles……and sat in a booth. The place was getting busier and busier with NO SITE of a manager around to help pick up the line that was growing. We were waiting for our breakfast wraps for too long. I went up to the kitchen window to find out where our breakfast was and was told it was not ready yet.

I sat back down and after I had had enough I went up to the window and asked the girl who was running around for the D.M.s info and phone number. Now all of the sudden there is a MOD present who steps up to try to fix the problem…….and I saw her when she walked in….LATE.

I told her that I was not there to talk to her and that I wanted to talk to the D.M. but was stonewalled which I DO NOT get since I am a D.M and I readily hand out my cards and info to anyone who wants it. I can’t fix ANYTHING if I am NOT aware of it.

I told her that our wraps were ordered and we were still without then so she then goes to the kitchen. As I walk up to the window I can see that she is telling the cook that I am complaining…and YESI WAS…and rightfully so.

I get back to the table with my order in hand. Now to go back my dad and I both ordered a pastry…..I had a blueberry muffin and he ordered a bear claw. Now we have had them in the past and I wish I had enough memory on my phone to take the pictures of these two items that were pathetic at the least. Flat bear claw where when we had one a couple of days earlier it was nicely proofed and looked good. My muffin had a dent on it because the batter was not poured correctly or something was not right and it was pretty flat….NOT the usual blueberry muffin I usually see.

When I took a bite of my wrap all of the sudden I see lettuce in it. THAT is not on the menu and not sure why… was in my wrap along with my dad’s?????????? I had to look at the menu again to be sure I was right. And the whole thing was just thrown together obviously because my standing there in the window was cause to do so.

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Are you kidding me.....I have to tell you how to resolve this issue????????

THAT is your job. I know what I would do if one of my customers complained to me about one of my stores.

Oh...and BTW...your coffee club is also WRONG. Why am unable to buy mine and my dad's coffee since we are in there almost every day but I am told that I can come back in 3 hours to get another coffee? I DONT want another cup of coffee in three hours. I want to buy my dad his coffee???????

I so wish I had pictures of all of this but my phone is too full of important stuff.......but NEXT time I have an issue I will be sure to do so.

OH...and BTW..give that little gal who was running her tail off....A RAISE. Actually there are two gals there who are very good employees.....and they ARE BOTH BLACK just to be sure you get this right.

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