Orbitz complaint: Account Block

Complaint from NADIMHAZEM reported on 14 May 2024 about Orbitz

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My complaint:

I have a Platinum account with Orbitz and I am now facing a very hard times with Transactions team who are suspending my account with NO clarification or Notice or discussion and they refuse to reply to my email or call by any mean .

The transactions team accused me of violating policy which is untrue and with no discussion or notice they blocked my account and refused to clarify or discuss any option to sort out the issue .
I understand lately there is a violation with price match claims I filed which all complied with policy , terms, and conditions and on TOP OF all its verified , and approved by claims team .
I have contacted the transactions team many times to settle the problem , BUT they refused to reply or call back despite all attempts .

The main problem NOW with my account that it has many active values and the transactions team forbids me from using the account.

the active values in my blocked account as following :

Two airline credits for 1166 206 $1372 and this amount is already paid from my credit card and now they are not allowing me to use this credits ( Pls note taht this creits before the blocking decision taken ) .
Active voucher issued before the bloc decision too for $150 issued in FEB 2024
Rewards Balance of US 1224.63 earned since the creation of my account with Orbitz and before they blocked my account .

Suggested solution:

Re Activate Account or compensate the active values in my account

Orbitz complaint Account Block
Orbitz complaint Account Block
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