Complaint from Creepycupcake reported on 05 September 2023 about OnTrac

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My complaint:

I have been waiting for my package from Bath Body works and OnTrac is the shipping company that was utilized. I use a real address from the USPS which I pay for, in order to receive packages there, rather than my home. This address works for everything I order. Except this package that OnTrac has held on to. They insist that my address is a PO box and they can’t deliver it due to that fact. We’ll, IT IS NOT A PO BOX!!! Their driver called me regarding this, and I explained it, and also gave my home address as a last resort in case they still refused to deliver it. Well, now they are returning it. The tracking website said first that they needed more info. I gave them my home address AGAIN as a backup so they could just bring it to me. Instead, they’ve held onto it. I’ve contacted then several times. There is NO way to contact them by phone. I used the online form, chat, email, and I filled out the form on their website. There is simply no reason my package could not be delivered. My package is a gift and the birthday is long past now, and I still have no gift. I am livid. I did every possible thing to make sure they had all addresses and my phone number, etc. Nothing. No communication after the initial call from the driver. She said she’d call me right back to tell me what the next step was. No call back. Instead of delivering it to me, now the tracking information says RETURNED !!!!! THIS COMPANY IS A COMPLETE MESS. So unprofessional, lazy and incompetent. There is absolutely NO reason that my package should be returned. They insisted my address was a po box. It isn’t. The driver said that they will not hand off any package to the postal service. This is a common thing, and every other delivery service I’ve used does it. Even so, they had my home address. They are lazy and didn’t even try to deliver it to my home. Now I have to wait even longer. This is a total nightmare

Suggested solution:

I want to be contacted by a real person, and be told the exact location of my package. It's still in their warehouse. The chat I had this morning informed me of that fact. If they do send it back, then I want an apology and a way to contact their corporate office. There is NO way to talk to a human. So awful.

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