Complaint: Racial profiling

on 09 January 2021 about Ollies Bargain Outlet in category Interior shops

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My complaint:

I came into Ollie’s today to get a few things for my family and within 7 minutes of being there my 11 year old daughter noticed local law enforcement walking around so she asked me why were there was police walking around. I told her that maybe someone was stealing either way it wasnt our business. I then noticed that the police were sticking close to us as well as keeping and eye on us. I continue shopped because I knew they weren’  here for me. Within 3 minute a manager, Ms. Winnia Lawson walks up to me and ask me to leave the store immediately.  I was shocked so I said ‘huh’ and why. She then informed me that she seen 2 other guys driving a black car that was stealing but got away and she knows I was with them. Once I finally got her to understand it wasnt me I asked for the information needed to contact her superior about the matter. After she did so I went to speak to the police officers about how embarrassing and demeaning this was not only in public but in front of my child. I talked to the Sargent because the female officer still believed I was somehow in the wrong. He was a very understanding man! But he told me she called them about a theft but by time they got there they had already left in a black car BUT there were 2 BLACK woman still here that she knew the other thieves left when they fled. She was referring to me and my 11 year old daughter. This is the 1st time in my life that I have experienced racism, been racially profiled and treated with such disrespect and disdain . What hurts me more is she has introduce my baby to racism. I go above and beyond to protect my children from seeing the worlds ignorance and bias ways. Ms.Winnia gave her a front row seat to how things really are

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Suggested solution:

Winnia Lawson should be taught that black people dont know every other black person on this Earth and are not all steal. She should not be allowed such a position where she has the authority to give first hand experience of racism where she deems fit. She should be rewarded by her employment being terminated since now my 11 year old knows it's not safe to shop at Ollie's in Morristown.

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