Complaint: Nexo will not complete my transfer

on 03 September 2021 about Nexo in category Crypto / DeFi / Blockchain

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My complaint:

For about a year I have built up some savings in my regular bank account. A few weeks ago I learned about Nexo and their claims of 8 to 12% interest on coins kept with them. I originally had almost 19,000 USD in USDC in Coinbase. I thought it would be smart instead of earning zero interest in my bank account to try the next account as I had watched some videos and read up on their company and everything seemed legit. I transferred the money in with no problems and looked at other services that they offered. I was going to move my Cardano coins as well to earn interest. In order to move more coins I had to verify my identity which was not unusual because I had done the same thing with coinbase. After I verified my identification I got this weird message from Nexo saying that the interest earning opportunities were not available in my region. After a few days of thinking about it I decided to move my phones out of my Nexo Wallet back to my coin base wallet because there was no sense in leaving that money there if it wasn’t going to earn interest as they had advertised. I went through the same steps and triple checked my wallet address with coinbase and initiated the transfer. That was over a week my transaction has been hung in a pending status. Nexo Will not return my emails which makes me question the validity and reputation of this organization. The money is mine and I worked very hard to get it and they need to go ahead and complete my transaction.

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Suggested solution:

Nexo Needs to do the honorable and reputable thing and complete my transaction and release my funds back to my coin base wallet as I have requested seeing how it is still pending.

Nexo will not complete my transfer
Nexo will not complete my transfer
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