Complaint: What’s wrong with you guys?

on 04 January 2021 about Netflix in category Online Services

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My complaint:

I’m watching I Zombie, Blacklist on a regular basis every night, along with other things you guys have. For quite a while lately, every time i go to those sites, and the next episodes, the show will start before it shows up on the screen! I can tell listening to it without it being there! This way, i’ll miss a few minutes of the opening. Then the show will show up. After getting into the show for mabey ten minutes, it will not only shut off the show, but it’ll leave Netflix!! It goes back to my Ruku list of channels i have, and then i have to go back to Netflix, wait going through he intro to Netflix, go to the show, click it on again, and wait for it to pick up on that episode-if i’m lucky! I’ve never seen this crap with you guys before, and i DON’T have that problem with Hulu, or any of the other 400 channels i have, not to mention Pluto and their 200 channels! It ONLY happens EVERY night with those shows i really enjoy with you guys at Netflix! I hope you can give me, at the least, some sort of answer. This happens every time i go to yu guys no matter what i’m watching.

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I have NO idea, but i'd really like some sort of explaination!

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