Complaint: Unable to sign-up for account: There appears to be a problem with the payment method you are trying to use

on 04 May 2020 about Netflix in category Broadcasting Network, Online Services

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My complaint:

In the last 2 days, have tried to sign-up with at least 4 different emails (created 4 new Netflix accounts with different emails), and 4 different creditdebit cards plus PayPal (with 2 different payment methods). Keep getting There appears to be a problem with the payment method you are trying to use.

I have had 2 online chat support sessions, and 2 live phone support sessions. I tried to explain that the payment interface from their system seems to be broken, but I am told (mainly by online chat) that it is my credit cards. It is not. I have verified with American Express that there is NOT any issue with my Platinum card, and that they can see NO attempt at all from Netflix to verify the card. I have tried another AMEX card, a Visa credit card, and a Visa debit card – same results. Same results with PayPal.

I am NOT willing to purchase a gift card to sign-up. I believe their payment system is broken and needs to be fixed.

Suggested solution:

Have ANYONE in Netflix IT, support, or finance TRY to create a new Netflix account with a credit card or Paypal to see for themselves if the payment processing system is working. It simply should not be this hard to pay for any service, or, to convince the provider to investigate a system issue on their side.

Also, take a look at the Reddit tread detailing this exact issue: https:www.reddit.comrnetflixcommentsga8dotthere_appears_to_be_a_problem_with_the_payment I tried to have the online support person send me the form mentioned by this Reddit user, but he said they had no such thing.

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Comment by poster of the complaint Smithsonzoo

2 years ago - This morning, shortly after trying yet again to add my credit card payment info (and getting the same There appears to be a problem with the payment method you are trying to use. error, I received and email from Netflix with the subject Say yes to Netflix. In the email body it said Filling out forms is boring. (boring wouldn't be the word I would choose to describe the Netflix payment form experience). The email actually contained a form to enter credit card info. Figuring what the heck, I had to click view email in a browser to get it to do anything, and then I entered the EXACT SAME American Express card info I had tried at the very start (and just a few minutes earlier), and IT WORKED! Apparently the form was just different enough that it actually contacted my credit card company and really verified the info this time. In case Netflix actually reads this, in addition to originating from the email form--which, by the way is exactly what I had asked the phone support rep to send me, and he told me it was impossible since I didn't have an existing account and the email form was only for folks changing a already existing credit card or renewing (which didn't make any sense)--the one other difference is that clicking to view the email in a browser opened the old Internet Explorer on my PC instead of Edge Chromium that I normally use. I don't know if this was the key or not, since I actually DID try IE early on (as well as Google Chrome) thinking it could be browser-related since I say the payment form tried to launch Flash (!) when it gave the error (no site today should be using Flash). I would still love to have someone from Netflix actually TRY to purchase their streaming service using a credit card to verify that it is actually possible right now, and maybe tell their support folks that it really MIGHT be a serer issue on Netflix side and NOT always that the prospective customers have bad credit (and to not so quickly jump to the just buy a gift card solution).

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Joseph (@guest_2469)
1 year ago

Having the same issue

Carl (@guest_4034)
8 months ago

I have the same issue, Amex could see that it was declined as the postcode didn’t match what Netflix had. Netflix confirmed they don’t keep record of my address or postcode. They said the soltuion was to cancel my account and reactivate on the billing date with my new card….I have serious doubts that will work. We’ll have to see.

dgou (@guest_4039)
8 months ago
Reply to  Carl

no, doesnt work, i tried and tried, netflix customer service of no help