Complaint: Outrageously inappropriate content on Netflix

on 25 April 2020 about Netflix in category Online Services

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Overall I have had no complaints this far toward Netflix. I believe the company as a whole is doing a tremendous job for the community during this tough time. Yet there comes a time where you need to put your foot down. The documentary consisting of two people and they’re selling of hard-core gay porn… Is outrageously disgusting to put on a family watched platform. It has nothing to do with a belief system nor being homophobic. A documentary about any type of hard-core porn industry on a family viewing platform is tremendously putrid and completely unnecessary. The cover itself has a penis covered by the title being licked by another man… I don’t know who thought it was a good idea to put this on Netflix. But I think it would be a great decision for really everyone if it is removed. It’s common sense why pornographic material shouldn’t be on a family feud platform. But if that’s not enough alone, this will cause nothing but hatred and resentment and discussed towards the gay community. Yes I am a Christian myself and I know then no one is above me nor below me I am no better than the next person. However as said before, there comes a time where you need to put your foot down. This is too much. I really hope and pray you understand and take actionsprecautions to avoid a lot of messed up things to come. If this was read thank you for your time.

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Remove the documentary about two couples selling hard-core gay porn.

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11 months ago - We have posted a tweet about your new complaint about Netflix

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