Complaint: Fraudster treated better than customer

on 12 August 2020 about Netflix in category Online Services

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My complaint:

My Netflix account was taken over by a fraudster and they changed my email address and phone number, effectively locking me out of my account.
When I reported this I was told that for security reasons they couldn’t do anything until I gave them my debit card details. I wasn’t prepared to do that because Netflix already had them. I asked for the account to be frozen but they couldn’t do that so I asked for the account to be closed. I was told and I ed it with them afterwards the I would still have to pay for the service. I questioned that I would still have to pay despite me not having access so would effectively be paying for someone else to watch Netflix.
They agreed that my interpretation was correct.
I paid my account on 4th August and cancelled it on 10th August so have already lost the best part of a month.
I then got my bank to stop any future payments. It’s disgraceful the the fraudster is ignored, they weren’t really that interested.

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Suggested solution:

Look at the policy when dealing with genuine problems relating to fraud and have more empathy toward customers. Under these circumstances I should have had my account closed and then reopened with new passwords etc. I should not have been asked to give my debit card details at that point. There are other ways of verifying a customers details.
I also should not have needed to get the payments cancelled by contacting my bank. I should be refunded the unused month I’ve wasted

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9 months ago - We have posted a tweet about your new complaint about Netflix

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