Netflix complaint: Flashing lights

on 16 March 2023 about Netflix in category Broadcasting Network, Online Services

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My complaint:

No flashing image warning for photosensitive epilepsy sufferer. Example
Elite: season 1 episode 1. As soon as the episode starts there is strobe lightning. I have been in touch with them about 67 times with this issue but nothing is being done.

Suggested solution:

Placing a warning.

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7 days ago

This would indeed be a good suggestion. However, If you’ve really called them nearly 70 times, you may want to stop. You’re speaking to a customer service center agent, someone who has no influence on this but whose job performance suffers because of the repeated calls. They’ll leave the feedback as a note on your account, once is enough and your feedback may be implemented sometime or it may not. Repeatedly calling about the same thing will just end up having the calls being logged as spam which isn’t helping your case. In the mean time, perhaps you can stop… Read more »