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on 25 August 2020 about Netflix in category Online Services

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My complaint:

By allowing Cuties to run you are promoting pedophilia. Young girls, as young as 11 year olds, being placed in roles that are seductive and promiscuous, is promoting sexual attraction! Why should an 11 year old be seen as a sex object?! The message is that it is good to be seen this way. So if someone treats them as a sexual object or sexually abuses them, they will believe that it is normal and OK!
What an awful message to give andor encourage young girls to believe.
They are more than their bodies and they have more worth than that! That is the message we should be sending our youth!

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Please, for the sake of our youth, draw a line. Please protect the innocence of our children! CANCEL the show! Encourage positive change in a culture that is bent on it's own destruction! Thank you for taking the time to consider my request and concern :)

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Katharyn Fountayne
Katharyn Fountayne (@guest_1986)
13 days ago

Shame on you for your psychological illiteracy. Shame on you. Anyone who works with sexually abused children knows what you have produced here is a form of child sexual abuse. Any healthy message you were trying to convey is lost with the in your face sexual exhibition and sexual romanticization of these children. No, I’m not right wing. I’m a mother and a teacher and a protector of children’s innocence and developmental stages. You’ve failed as a platform. You’ve failed to provide the kind of moral currency that ensures the survival of a healthy society and healthy children. You sexualized… Read more »