Complaint: A shitty deal

on 20 March 2021 about Motel 6 in category Hotels / Motels

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My complaint:

Upon arriving to motel 6 we came into the room and immediately noticed how dirty it was there was dirt on the floors Gunk on the walls even the sheets and blankets on the bed have cigarette holes in them and some other gum or something stuck on it so right off the gecko we realize that we got a pretty s deal little did we know all that it took was one little pee from my girlfriend and one little flush for me and the whole evening was about as s as it can get. Now we ask the staff if they could help us out because literally we had a half inch of water flowing over almost every corner of the room the bathroom was full the water flowing underneath the wall and into the bedroom area next to the bed and we were handed a bag full of towels and a plunger and basically said here you go and have fun so instead of having a romantic night with my girlfriend we both got to spend our time on our hands and knees disinfecting and cleaning a floor full of poop water so that we didn’t have to worry about things trying to crawl up in the night and attack us so I don’t know about you but I think that it’s the least could have been done was us be comped a different room or possibly given an extra night since we out of the kindness of our hearts well the kindness of our hearts and the fear of covid or e coli or who knows what else could have been in that water that we would have been snuggling and had we are not cleaned out our selves. Anyways sunset motel 6 is a rundown establishment ran by retards and the health department should be up here having a hay day anyways I guess that’s what you get when you try to go low budget damn covid finances anyhow. And I’m not trying to completely be an ass but it was an absolutely ridiculous time and a waste of money and the very least I think that we should get a couple rooms for free or a couple nights for free or something or give us our money back cuz we at least clean the f toilet for you.

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well honestly I think that we should get our money back for the night that we spent since we did all the cleaning pretty much ourself and had to endure somebody else's s water all over the room or I think that we should get a couple of nights for free I mean that's the least you can do for some solid white people that cleaned up the mess that wasn't even ours that cleaned up the mess it wasn't even ours.

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