Complaint: 30 complaints for noise and other stuff

on 15 October 2021 about Motel 6 in category Hotels / Motels

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hello i have been staying here at motel 6 south since april and i have had nothing but sleepless nights and a lot of stress i have sent in 30 complaints about the noise that i have to deal with every night and the lack of respect i have been staying in a room that is on the corner of the motel and the room that keeps being rented out to noise people is 214 every time they put some one in that room i have to deal with the bad floor that squicks so bad wean people walk on it back and forth every night and people hew make so much noise that i could not sleep or i would be woke up from them drooping stuff or moving the beds every night i have to call the front desk to ask them to call the people in that room and have them be quiet and one night i called the front desk and the property manager answered the phone and she was rude to me and had a very bad attitude and these people have had about 10 or more noise complaints and yet they are still here it is like the manager dont care about what the problem is the rule is that get three strikes and then they are kicked out of the motel but that has not happen i have to complain about this people every night and i have sent in complaints about not heaving any cold water in my sink that has never been fixed i have complained about the WiFi how if you are on line doing something in-portent it cuts you off this motel 6 charges high rates for what pore wifi no cold water they rent rooms out that have to wall and none of my complaints have ever been taken care of this motel has a very bad reputation for people shooting up in the parking lost for people selling drugs and that still goes on at night but if you call the front desk about any problem they just ignore it and do nothing and this will be my last time i ever stay at this motel 6 the property maneger is rude and has no clue on what is going on at night here and the night people that work the over night shift they are rude and dont do nothing about any thing at night this time i payed for a week i am here till Monday and wean i was put in this room the room was not clean at all i had to change out the shower kirten it had mold on it and under the beds they are so gross i am very disappointed in this motel and if the front desk people would read what the computer tells them about room 214 that room is only to be rented out to quiet people but no the hole time i have been here i have had to deal with 4 native people hew mad so much noise that they caused a hole to form on the ceiling in my room and now i have been dealing with to people hew have been in that room for all most 2 weeks and still no one cares 30 complaints i have sent in since i have been here i have never stayed at a motel that has rude people that work for the motel and the lack of things being fixed is very pore and i would hope that the property manager gets more training and has a better attitude because she is not doing her job at all

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well i would like to get a refund of 396.83 that is the price i payed for a week

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