Montanas BBQ complaint: Poor service

on 07 May 2023 about Montanas BBQ in category Restaurants

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My complaint:

Staying at the Coast hotel in Nisku . Really nice place , just wish I could say the same for the attached Montanas resturant . I ordered a 12 Oz steak ( rare ) and a Pepsi with no ice . Pop comes with ice in it . Ok I can handle that . The meal comes to the table , with no utensils . I guess we eat like animals here . The steak was seriously over cooked , no steak sauce served . I sent the meal back and by the time I got it back my dinner companion was finished eating . They came with the bill , and it was the full price .$ 35.99 plus tax for a meal I had to return . So I asked to speak to the manager , he slithered over and said because I finally received a steak that I would eat that there was nothing that he could do about the bill . I am seriously disappointed with the service and the lack of respect for the patrons of their establishment . The worst thing about this is that I clearly expressed to the waitress exactly what to do so I didn’t have to return my meal and it still came out wrong . Very disappointed . I have always been treated with a lot more respect when you spend the money on a meal and the mistake is on the resturants end of things .

Suggested solution:

They should have discounted the meal at least or even comped it . They should have also treated me with a lot more respect as a patron then they did . This happened on April 29 , 2023 between 8 pm and 9:30 pm.. we are staying at the Coast Hotel in which the Montanas is attached to.

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