Mercari complaint: Theft,Harassment,unprofessional,fraudulent accusations

on 24 August 2022 about Mercari in category Online Services

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My complaint:

I’ve recently started selling on Mercari 3 week’s ago I have 50 sales all 5 star 100% positive reviews. I posted a pair of Gucci shorts on mercari 92222 that I purchased from Poshmark as soon as I posted them I get a that my post was taken down for not being authentic how they determined that that quick who knows lol but they immediately suspended my account thru asked for receipts I provided them then they said receipt’s aren’t enough as this point I’m pissed I never sold anything fake on mercari ever the 2 items never even reached they’re feed I proved authenticity with my receipts then they proceed to keep my fund’s I made from past sales that have already been accepted by the buyer like mercari policy says I’ve done everything right and my money is on hold until 111822 $200 so basically it’s theft they’re taking something that doesn’t belong to them !! All the buyer’s have accepted and rated me as a seller all 5 star reviews and ratings I have proof ! They stated they’re holding my money for any future complaints by customers for fraudulent item’s make’s 0 sense mercari has made $ off of every sale I made so if I’m selling fake items so are they they profited from it all 50 item’s I sold every single one of them gave me 5 star rating so why would they hold my money all my transaction’s are complete! Please help me I just want my money it’s rightfully mine

Suggested solution:

Let me add my reminder of my balance of my money to my bank account it’s the law that wasn’t mercari items I sold they were mine ! I’m account with them is closed cool I don’t want it back I just want my money

Theft,Harassment,unprofessional,fraudulent accusations
Theft,Harassment,unprofessional,fraudulent accusations
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