Mercari complaint: Shipping Protection SCAM

Complaint from MercariScamsSellers reported on 13 May 2023 about Mercari

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My complaint:

I shipped a package through Mercari. It was a $280 framed autographed jersey. I packaged it appropriately, even sent photos to their terrible customer support line when they asked for proof (which luckily I have because who the heck would take pre photos expecting this behavior?). They told me I improperly packaged the item and that the damage is my fault and not UPS who completely manhandled the item like it was a $5 t shirt. They are not helpful, will not call me, does not explain how they determined that I improperly packaged the item I purchased the label through Mercari, entered the weight and everything in to get the label. This was 100% out of my control and I want my money and I want them shutdown at this point for their scam.

Suggested solution:

A full refund for the $280 item and then I want all of my data deleted from their scam company because they cannot be trusted with any personal information if they are going to scam someone out of $280.

Mercari complaint Shipping Protection SCAM
Mercari complaint Shipping Protection SCAM
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