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on 17 October 2020 about McDonalds in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My total order: 40 spicy nuggets, 20 nuggets, 2 large fries , 2 McDoubles, and 2 McChickens. Received everything but the regular 20 nuggets. I checked the bag before I even left the drive threw. I told the lady at the drive threw that I was missing 20 nuggets. She said , “no I put them in there” I checked my bag once again to make sure I didn’t miscount some how. Which I didn’t.
A new person came to window asked me my order, I showed them my receipt, they looked at the first person looked back at me and said they are in the bag.
Now comes a third person which called himself a manger. To tell me there isn’t missing from the bag. At this point it’s been about 10 mins going back n forth about who’s right and who’s wrong. I told the guy he can come look in the bags if he doesn’t believe me, then he rudely no, but you can give them to me through the window. This “Manager” was rude from the start, not trying to solve any problem Of me.
While I’m still at the window watching them go through my bags he comes back to window to hand me my food. Without any apology that he was wrong. I’m not happy all 4 people decided to go through my food, put it back then give it back to me. So I asked them to remake it. Again he has an attitude and bring some other lady which I think is the actual manager she promises to remake my food and apologizes and ask me to pull to side. I’m feeling better at this point thinking someone finally took care of a problem. WRONG!!! after waiting another 15 minutes for “Fresh “ food I get home to cold chicken nuggets and fries that have been cooked for so long that you couldn’t even eat them! By far the worst experience at any McDonalds.

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A gift card, so I can order this entire meal again. Or a refund!

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